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On the Web, it’s easy for people to claim credit for your work - make sure you have the protection you need to defend yourself! Add the protective power of an authentic federal government copyright to your site!

You’ve put a lot of work into your Web site and its contents, from music to artwork to computer code. But the simple truth is that anyone who visits your site can download your work and claim to be the 'real' owner - and without a federal copyright, it’s difficult to prove otherwise.

With c-Site, we’ve made it easy for you to protect your work and file for a federal copyright - the indisputable legal proof you need to claim ownership of your work - in just minutes, right online!
c-Site Protects:
Web Site Screenplays Advertisements
Source Code Photos Audiovisual works
Music Poems Technical drawings
Lyrics Artwork And more!
c-Site eliminates the confusion and complexity from the copyright registration process with a step-by-step wizard and expert assistance that guides you through the copyright application, quickly and easily. See demo now!

Once completed, simply upload your work. Our team of experts will review it for accuracy and compliance with federal copyright laws. Then file it with the U.S. Copyright Office. Upon approval, the Registration Certificate is mailed directly to you. It's that simple!

Why put your work at risk when c-Site makes it fast, easy and affordable to get the protection you deserve? Don’t take chances - order c-Site today!

Get the protection you need - c-Site®

You pay the mandatory $30 fee when you file.
Express Application for c-Site!
Expedite your application and cut through the government bureaucracy!
We review your work and application within 24 hours (normal business hours).
We forward the $30 mandatory filing fee for you.
Our expert staff is your personal liason with the Copyright Office.
We prepare and file your application and work via Federal Express.

All questions or more info go to our Contact Page or email us: sales@onyxgraphics.com.

Onyx Graphics
We hope you'll decide to use Onyx Graphics as your WebSite Developer, Web Host, Web Consultants or for your Web Maintenance. We'll help you in planning, we'll save you money as you set up your organization or business on the Web, and we'll work with you over the next few months to keep you updated and, hopefully, prosperous. We look forward to working with you. Let us help you to create an award winning web site. If you have any questions or would like to know more about us, please go to our Contact Page or send an email to: sales@onyxgraphics.com.
Onyx Graphics
Ordering & Info
c-Site Copyright Services
Just $29.95!
Attention Web Site Authors!
Show the world your site has federal copyright protection! Protective graphics for you to display:
Federal Copyright ProtectionCopyright Registration Pending
Know the difference between copyright, patent & trademark.
Product Details
Protect your creative works against infringement.
Complete your application online in just minutes.
Step-by-step wizard and expert assistance makes it easy!
Your submission is reviewed to ensure it's complete and accurate!
Your copyright certificate is mailed directly to you.
Not available for motion pictures
"I was surprised at how easy it was. The instructions are very clear and the process was quite fast and easy. I got my literary work copyrighted within a few weeks."    -- Arturo A.
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