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If you are looking to gain your website visitors attention, then there is nothing better then a high quality video or animation. Onyx Graphics is your right choice, we provide a full range of services and products to create and produce your videos, animations or multimedia project on time and on budget. Look at our samples below and see how we can create the right presentation for your website. At Onyx Graphics we can work work with or create videos and animations in just bout every format for just about any media. whether its for a website, power point presentation or film, Onyx Graphics is your right choice for all your creative needs. Offering reasonably priced services to help bring your site and products alive. If you have any questions or would like to know more about video Development, please go to our Contact Page or send an email to:sales@onyxgraphics.com.

Click on the links below to find out more about our Video Development and to see our samples.
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From start to finish Onyx Graphics can take you where you want to, we provide all the services and products that can make your project come out on top. At Onyx Graphics we offer a variety of Web, Graphics, Software and Consulting services and products that you can choose from. Whether you are looking to put up a new website or have your logo redesigned, Onyx Graphics can create or produce your project on time and at a reasonable price. Besides having a full range of services to offer, we also provide full technical and customer support that you need and deserve. Below you will find some of the services and products we offer and links to more information on that particular service you are looking for.

We hope you decide to use Onyx Graphics as your Web Developers, Graphics Developers, Software Developers, Web Consultants, Web Maintenance or as your Web Hosting company. We'll bring fresh creative ideas to your project, show you how to make more profit and help you save money.

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Video Development
    This is a comparison of different video file formats that we use. The formats that are compared are AVI, WMA, WMV, MPG, RM/RA, ASF, IVF, VIV, MOV, DivX and VRML. We will describe each of the formats with their strengths and uses. At Onyx Graphics we have used and can create videos in these and other formats as needed. Some samples will require a plug in for either Internet Explorer or Netscape.

Windows Media (.avi, .asf, .wma, .wmv)
    AVI, ASF, WMA, WMV, ASF is Microsoft's Advanced Streaming format. It is a file that can contain Video, Audio, Slide Shows and synchronized events. WMA (Windows Media Audio) contains audio. WMV (Windows Media file with Audio/Video) is the same as the ASF except it can be downloaded instead of streamed from a server far away.

    AVI is short for "Audio Video Interleave", the file format for Microsoft's Video for Windows standard. It is an audio video standard designed by Microsoft and is apparently proprietary and Microsoft Windows specific. It is a format developed for storing video and audio information. Files in this format have an .AVI extension. These files are limited to 320 x 240 resolution, and 30 frames per second, neither of which is adequate for full screen, full motion video. However, Video for Windows does not require any special hardware, making it the lowest common denominator for multimedia applications. Many multimedia producers use this format because it allows them to sell their products to the largest base of users. A competing software - only in video format is QuickTime.

    Microsoft's video formats are the standard for the internet. Used by more users and producers then any other format on the net. For most website or power point projects, Microsoft's video formats are the choice for most users.
Go here for some samples of Windows Media.

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MPEG Development
    MP3 is short for MPEG Audio Layer 3. MPEG refers to the Motion Picture Experts Group, an organization that sets international standards for digital formats for audio and video. The file shrinking technology itself was developed by the Fraunhofer Institute in Germany. It incorporates both audio and video encoding at a range of data rates. MPEG audio and video are the standard formats used on Video CDs and DVDs. MP3s are digital audio files that have been shrunken down while still maintaining their original sound quality. Before there were MP3s, digital audio files took hours to download. But on a 56K modem, most MP3s can download in just a few minutes. MP3s are widely recognized as the most popular format for storing and listening to music on the World Wide Web. There are three types of MPEG audio encoding, layer I, layer II and layer III in increasing order of sound quality and encoding time. Layer I is the "PASC" compression used in Digital Compact Cassettes and Layer II is the "MUSICAM" compression format. Layer III (aka "MP3") has recently become very popular on the Internet due to its combination of high quality and high compression ratio. It can be downloaded from many World Wide sites and can be played using software available for most operating systems.
Go here for some samples of MPG Videos.

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QuickTime Development
    MOV (Quick Time Movie File Extension) is a video and animation system developed by Apple Computer. QuickTime is built into the Macintosh operating system and is used by most Mac applications that include video or animation. PCs can also run files in QuickTime format, but they require a special QuickTime driver. QuickTime supports most encoding formats, including Cinepak, JPEG and MPEG. QuickTime is competing with a number of other standards, including AVI and ActiveMovie. Apple's QuickTime has superior audio/video quality, is compatible with Internet Explorer and Netscape browsers and supports various media formats.

RealPlayer Development
    RealAudio is a proprietary encoding format created by 'Progressive Networks'. It was the first compression format to support live audio over the Internet and thus gained considerable support, but it requires proprietary server software in order to provide the real-time playback facility. It also supports repositioning during real-time playback. The system is implemented as a client/server architecture. The RealAudio server incorporates an encoder which compresses sound into RealAudio files. The client side is a web browser plug-in or add-on (a recent version of 'Internet Explorer' apparently has built-in support for RealAudio) which allows the stream of data sent from the server to be uncompressed and output using the normal sound facilities of the computer, such as a sound card. For more information please click on: (http://www.realaudio.com/).

    RealPlayer has very good audio/video quality. It is compatible with Internet Explorer and Netscape browsers. It supports various media formats. However, it provides only three preset video viewing window sizes.

    DivX is a trademark of DivXNetworks, Inc. DivX is a digital video compression format based on the MPEG-4 technology. DivX files can be downloaded over high-speed lines in a relatively short time without sacrificing the quality of the digital video.

    DivX and MPEG-4 technology are some of the newest and best quility videos on the net today. These videos are ment for users with high speed or broadband internet connects. If your site is used by high speed users on the net, then DivX is for you.

Vivo Videos
    VIV (Vivo Video) is an old format and pretty bad quality, but one of the first to be designed and used for Internet streaming and thus it is still in use in a few areas. However be careful with it, because it is said that it isn't very compatible with current browser standards, mainly because development on the format ceased back in 1997.

IVF (Intel Video Technology)
    IVF (Intel Video Technology) are files that are encoded using the Indeo codec originally developed by Intel. However since then Ligos ( www.ligos.com ) has taken over the development of the Intel codecs.

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We hope you'll decide to use Onyx Graphics as your WebSite Developer, Web Host, Web Consultants or for your Web Maintenance. We'll help you in planning, we'll save you money as you set up your organization or business on the Web, and we'll work with you over the next few months to keep you updated and, hopefully, prosperous. We look forward to working with you. Let us help you to create an award winning web site. If you have any questions or would like to know more about us, please go to our Contact Page or send an email to: sales@onyxgraphics.com.
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